What Other Funko Products Can You Collect?

At this point, everyone knows what a Funko POP! collectible is. These adorable figures have faces with the ultimate “AWW” factor. However, these cute vinyl items aren’t the only collectibles the Funko brand has to offer.

If you’re looking for more variety in your collection, don’t worry! Funko makes many types of collectibles to help diversify your inventory. Explore some of the other Funko products you can collect to design the ultimate vinyl display.

Funko Advent Calendar: The Office 24ct Advent Calendar

Advent Calendars

It’s never too early to start thinking about the holidays. If you want a unique alternative to a popular holiday tradition, consider picking up a Funko advent calendar!

Funko’s advent calendar collection features 24 mini-figures from beloved shows like The Office and Harry Potter, to name a few. Even though the season of giving seems far away, you’ll want to get your hands on these items now. Funko designed these advent calendars with collectors in mind, so purchase one before it’s too late!


Have you ever wished that you could take your Funko POP! figures with you? Well, now you can! Funko has a line of POP! keychains that make your favorite collectibles completely portable.

This is a massive win for collectors that love to represent their favorite fandoms in style. Protect your keys with a cute Avengers: Endgame POP! keychain. From Game of Thrones to My Hero Academia, fans of all genres can find their keys with ultimate ease.

Mystery Minis

Sometimes, too many choices can feel paralyzing. That’s why Funko introduced their Mystery Minis line to take the pressure off. Now, you can simmer in excitement as you unbox your mystery package.

Funko’s Mystery Minis are blind collections with endless possibilities. These boxes are great options for collectors who don’t know which figure to purchase next. The best part is that the Mystery Minis include so many franchises, so all fans can enjoy the surprise.

Vinyl SODA

If you like the look of the original POP! figures but want something with more pizzazz, there are other Funko products you can collect. Enter the Vinyl SODA line, Funko’s new and unique way to package collectibles.

The SODA line features 4-inch figures and boxes them up in realistic-looking soda cans. The sense of nostalgia that comes with these items is impossible to ignore. Whether you’re a Disney devotee or a superhero supporter, there’s a SODA collectible waiting for space in your inventory.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to your collection. Shumi Toys and Gifts is your one-stop shop for Funko POP! collectibles and beyond. If you’re ready to build a distinct and unique inventory, shop with us today!

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