The Fun and Exciting History of Hasbro Toys

If you were a child sometime in the 1900s, you know all about the wonderful world of Hasbro. This company dominates the world of toys and is one of the most popular figure manufacturers in the world.

However, the brand’s success didn’t come immediately. Family feuds, world wars, and economic collapses built the company into the toy tycoon it is today. Learn all about the fun and exciting history of Hasbro toys to gain a newfound appreciation.

A Band of Brothers

Have you ever wondered where the name “Hasbro” comes from? “Hasbro” is short for “Hassenfeld brothers,” the namesake of the founding family. The Hassenfeld brothers started their company in the early 1920s, primarily manufacturing textiles.

The business structure changed as the family dynamic did. A few years after its grand start, Hasbro made the switch from fabrics to school supplies. The future action figure manufacturers didn’t join the toy business until the late 1930s.

Getting Ahead With Potato Heads

We can’t talk about the exciting history of Hasbro toys without mentioning one of its most famous creations, Mr. Potato Head! After some early success with doctor-themed toy sets, inventor George Lerner teamed up with Hasbro to create this iconic character.

Mr. Potato Head quickly became a household name and set the toy company up for future victory. After Mr. Potato Head, Hasbro took the action route and created G.I. Joe, arguably its most successful figure.

The Dark Days

After so much success, Hasbro saw some darker days. Anti-war efforts disliked the newly popular G.I. Joe and forced the company to rethink its strategy. As such, sales fell, causing Hasbro to seek success in other markets.

Profits fluctuated unreliably throughout the ’70s. Coupled with internal familiar strife and changes in popular culture, Hasbro had the chance to restructure the company and set itself up for a revival.

An ’80s Revival

The ’80s brought along new life for the struggling toy manufacturers. However, the family fighting ceased in 1980 and made way for a more unified approach to business. Some smart acquisitions, such as GLENCO and Milton Bradley, put Hasbro back on top.

The 1980s also birthed another of Hasbro’s most cherished toy lines: My Little Pony. From then on, the toy tycoon from humble beginnings continued to create high-quality figures for millions upon millions to enjoy.

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