A Deep Dive Into Loungefly Bags’ Designs and Prints

If you’re looking for a new and stylish way to rep your favorite franchises, you’re in luck! Loungefly is a brand that creates apparel and accessories based on your favorite characters. Of all their incredible products, Loungefly bags are the most popular.

These accessories are super cute, super high-quality, and super collectible. Diversify your collection with functional accessories that you can use in real life. Take a deep dive into Loungefly bags’ designs and prints to better understand what this brand offers.

Types of Loungefly Bags

Loungefly isn’t your typical apparel brand. They also create a wide range of adorable bags and purses. You can safely travel with all your essential stuff tucked into a Loungefly bag. Let’s look at all your options!


Some of the most sought-after products Loungefly creates are their backpacks. These items come in all sorts of shapes, colors, and designs. From Disney Princesses to Star Wars, you can find a backpack that pays homage to your favorite fandoms.

Mini Backpacks

Loungefly also creates mini backpacks that everyone adores. These bags make excellent collector’s items because of their exclusivity. Loungefly creates and sells certain “lines” that you can only buy with certain retailers. This tactic makes finding your perfect mini backpack that much more exciting.

Cross-Body Bags

Another popular variation is Loungefly’s cross-body bags. They are smaller than a typical bag, with one long strap that anchors the bag near your hip. The term “cross-body” comes from the silhouette these bags create. Cross-body bags are for more fashion-minded fans who want something more compact.


Aside from backpacks and cross-body bags, Loungefly also sells purses. Passport pouches, coin purses, wallets—whatever essentials you need to secure, Loungefly has your back. You’ll never lose your money or documents when you have a fabulous Loungefly purse at your disposal.

Popular Loungefly Designs and Prints

As you can see, Loungefly has many different options to satisfy any customer. Your choices don’t stop with just an image of your favorite character; there are countless Loungefly bag designs and prints for you to pick from. Let’s investigate all Loungefly’s adorable apparel possibilities.


AOP, or all-over print, refers to bags with designs repeating “all-over” their surface. These prints have different placements depending on the size and shape of your Loungefly bag.

They feature characters against iconic backdrops, doing fun activities, and with supporting characters and accessories. This creates plenty of variety and makes some AOP bags more stylish than others.


While AOP bags depict characters as a print, cosplay bags are a little more complex. Instead of printing a picture on the surface, Loungefly incorporates your bag’s elements into the overall design.

Your bag is literally “cosplaying” as a character, with eyes, mouths, and other features as part of the backpack’s structure. Fans looking for a more interactive design should check out Loungefly’s cosplay line to find a bag that works for them.


If you love Funko POP!s and other adorable toys, Loungefly has a bag design for you! Chibi style is all about the “cute” factor and has so many cute prints to match.

“Chibi” is a Japanese term that technically means “short.” However, most people use it as a slang term to describe exaggerated caricatures of famous characters. Think big, round eyes, full cheeks, and tiny little noses. Loungefly has several bags in this style, giving your bag an “AWW” moment.


Of course, we can’t talk about Loungefly without mentioning Disney. Loungefly’s Disney line is the face of their brand. From iconic villains like Cruella de Vil to the melodic Muses from Hercules, you’re never too old to support your favorite Disney stories.

Loungefly has a unique line that is exclusive to Disney parks. These bags are perfect for collectors since you can only find them in specific locations. They also have a limited promotional period, making them rare and increasing their value.

Important Loungefly Design Features

The beauty of Loungefly isn’t only in their prints. Loungefly bags also have unique design features that make them stand out. You can tell a lot about a Loungefly accessory based on these elements, as they change based on quality, price, and availability.


Do you know how Funko POP!s have numbers that coincide with their specific line? Well, Loungefly bags also have a similar organizational system. Each backpack, cross-body bag, and purse has a “tag” that communicates value.

Bags of the highest quality have metal plates. You’ll see these on limited edition accessories and those exclusive to Disney parks. Cheaper, more accessible bags will have fabric plaques with the Loungefly logo.

This isn’t to say that less-expensive backpacks are poor quality; they just have a variation in other design features that affect their price. For example, bags with metal plaques often have patterned lining inside, while fabric tags might be missing this element.


Designing a cute bag means considering every single part, including the zipper. All Loungefly backpacks and purses come with functional zippers. However, certain products also have a zipper charm to complete the design.

Remember that Loungefly plaque from earlier? Bags with metal tags come with fun zipper charms, while fabric ones don’t. These small and sassy editions help spice up your bag and leave it with a little extra pizzaz.


No matter how cute your bag is, it’s worthless if it has flimsy, non-supportive straps. Loungefly backpacks with metal plaques have padded straps for ultimate comfort.

You never have to worry about your Loungefly breaking unexpectedly. Even bags with fabric tags have solid and durable straps that can withstand all kinds of activities.

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As you can see, so much about Loungefly makes it unique. From designing cute and functional fanwear to creating valuable collector’s items, there’s no shortage of things to enjoy. Shumi Toys & Gifts is an authorized retailer and has an enormous collection of Loungefly backpacks for fans to go crazy about.

You won’t find Loungefly accessories just anywhere. If you’re looking for an online store that does everything, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re a Disney adult, a Marvel maniac, or an anime enthusiast, we have a bag perfect for you.

A Deep Dive Into Loungefly Bags’ Designs and Prints

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