Why Has Hasbro Become the Main Name in Toys?

Veterans in the collectible community know how influential the toy company, Hasbro, is to their hobby. This conglomerate has an extensive history that spans back to the 1920s. What was once a merry band of brothers is now a worldwide leader in toys and franchise merchandise.

While it might seem lucky, their success wasn’t up to chance. There’s a reason why Hasbro became the main name in toys. Discover how this company grew into an industry leader before adding its products to your collection.

They Have a Long Legacy

Hasbro didn’t start as a toy manufacturer. However, they quickly found mainstream success after a strategic shift in business focuses. From there, Hasbro established a long legacy of making in-demand figures for its audience.

People associate Hasbro with fan-favorite figures, like Mr. Potato Head, G.I Joe, and My Little Pony. You could find these toys in almost every child’s toybox from the mid-1900s and on. While Hasbro has branched out into other ventures since then, its humble beginning helped cement them as a pop culture pioneer.

They Have Several Licensing Agreements

Another reason why Hasbro became the main name in toys is due to their extensive licensing agreements. Hasbro has its hands in some of the most popular franchises to date. It’s almost impossible to purchase merchandise without finding a Hasbro product.

If you’re a fan of Star Wars, the Marvel franchise, and Transformers, you probably have a Hasbro figure in your collection. As toy manufacturers, Hasbro made the right deals to put them a head above their competitors.

They Create High-Quality Collectibles

None of this stuff matters if their products aren’t worth the hype, though. Hasbro is the leading brand in figures because they commit to creating high-quality collectibles.

Hasbro has some of the most well-made products on the market, from already-made figures to “build it yourself” packages. They even make life-like equipment, like Darth Vader’s iconic helmet, which mimics the original costume flawlessly. With standout work like this, it’s no wonder Hasbro figures continue to fly off the shelves.

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