What Makes a Funko POP! Rarer Than Others?

Some collectors search high and low for rare Funko POP! figures. Whether it’s for bragging rights or future investing, finding extraordinary collectibles is no walk in the park. It takes a ton of time and research to determine which POP!s are worth the coin.

Various factors make a Funko POP! rarer than others. If you’re taking a deep dive into the world of rare collectibles, ask yourself these questions to make the process easier.

How Many Figures Did Funko Produce?

Rare figures are few and far between. As the saying goes, “Low supply creates high demand.” You’ll know that a Funko POP! is “rare” if they produced fewer collectibles than their average line.

For example, Funko created two metallic versions of the iconic comic book writer Stan Lee. They came in both gold and silver, and Funko produced only 10 of each design. Considering that Funko puts thousands of common figures on the market, it’s no wonder these collectibles are hard to come by.

Is It a Chase POP! Figure?

Don’t let the word “common” fool you; these collectibles could still hold a ton of value. That’s because Funko has a “Chase” line that transforms standard figures into rare treasures.

What’s so different about these items? Funko POP!s with Chase variants feature changes in color, costume, and design that others lack. These figures also come with a special golden sticker on the box to indicate their rare nature.

Did It Have a Special Event Release?

Some Funko POP!s aren’t available to buy in stores. Many rare collectibles get this recognition due to special event releases.

Events like San Diego Comic-Con introduced several valuable, hard-to-find figures. Things like the holographic Darth Maul made their debut at Comic Con in 2012. You’ll have to scour eBay and other online resale sites if you want to get your hands on this and other exclusive merchandise.

How Popular Is the Associated Franchise?

One of the main factors that make a Funko POP! rarer than others is their franchise. World-renowned series like Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and Masters of the Universe have a legacy that people will pay top dollar to be a part of.

All of these other factors depend on franchise popularity. Manufacturers have an opportunity to rake in the big bucks by creating a high-demand item for popular movies, anime, and comic books. A series with a cult-like following will jump at the chance to get their hands on a figure, increasing worth and decreasing availability.

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