4 Tips for Avoiding Counterfeit Anime Figures

The collectible community has a serious problem that people have been battling for ages—bootleg figures. Scam artists take advantage of new collectors by selling them fake merchandise, and these bad apples make identifying authentic items difficult.

While most people have good intentions, others try to spoil the fun for everyone else. Avoiding counterfeit anime figures is a skill you learn over time; these tips will shorten the learning curve and keep you from wasting money.

Check the Price

Anime figures range in price depending on the franchise, availability, and brand. Some can go for a pretty penny, but most are totally affordable for the average buyer. However, as the saying goes, “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.”

Don’t celebrate a good deal just yet. Do some price-checking before purchasing a collectible. If your model is significantly below market value, it’s likely a fake.

Check the Box

Manufacturers put a lot of time and effort into their figures. This attention to detail carries over into their packaging. If you’re questioning whether or not a collectible is real, your answer may lie in the figure’s box.

Genuine merchandise will often have stickers of authenticity on the packaging. Fake figures might come in boxes with faded logos, weird phrasing, and missing barcodes. If your potential collectible is missing a box entirely, it’s time to abort the mission.

Check the Character

Avoiding counterfeit anime figures is all about knowledge. The more you know about your specific product, the better your chance of dodging a fake. Learn about the character before buying—look at eye color, hairstyles, facial expressions, and other defining features.

Knockoff collectibles will have subtle changes that eagle-eyed fans should be able to spot. These imposters might also exclude key accessories or wear unusual outfits for their franchise. Real figures will be near-perfect replicas of their animated counterparts; fake ones will be cheap copies.

Check the Quality

The most obvious sign of a counterfeit figure is poor quality. Manufacturers take great pride in producing well-painted, expertly sculpted merchandise for loyal fans. Scammers don’t have the same commitment; they are perfectly content with making money off of sub-par designs.

Does your figure look like a child painted it? Does it feature flimsy materials that break with little manipulation? Avoid finalizing the sale if you answer “yes” to any of these questions.

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