What Do Those Numbers on Funko POP!s Mean?

Have you ever noticed those seemingly random numbers on the corner of every Funko POP! box? These toys are a staple in the collecting community, and seasoned veterans jump at the chance to get their hands on new editions. However, if you’re new to these collectibles, you might not understand some of their key elements.

Those numbers aren’t just there for show; these toys adhere to a number system that helps users identify important information. So, what do those numbers on Funko POP!s mean? Keep reading to learn more about your favorite collectibles.

What Do They Mean?

Funko POP! organizes its figures by a numbering system. You can find these unique digits on the right-hand side of the package. These numbers inform collectors about when manufacturers made a specific collectible. For example, you can tell that a figure with the number 421 came before one with 428 on its box.

These numbers are crucial to collectors for many reasons. If you’re trying to collect an entire Funko POP! line, following the numerical system ensures that you have every important figure. Older editions with smaller numbers are often worth more than newer models as they age, so this system also helps collectors easily identify old or rare items.

How Do They Work?

Funko POP! numbers are like serial numbers, except way less complicated. These numbers inform you about how recent a collectible is and express which lines your figures come from. Here’s how to navigate the Funko POP! numbering system:

  1. Check the top-left corner of your Funko POP! figure box. There, you’ll find your collectible’s line. Funk POP! has several toy lines, so it’ll probably say something like, “POP! Movies”, “POP! Games”, or “POP! Television”.
  2. Locate the number on the top right-hand corner. This number tells you where your figure falls in the line’s chronological order. You can confirm this information by looking at the back of the box for more details about manufacturing and release dates.

What You Should Know

If you’ve been collecting Funko POP!s for a while, you’ve probably noticed some discrepancies in the numerical system. For example, some different Funko POP! figures might have the same digits on their packaging. These apparent discrepancies demonstrate why knowing how the system works is so important—even if different figures have the same numbers, they won’t have the same collectible line description in the left-hand corner, making it easy to organize your collectibles.

You may have also noticed significant gaps between numbers in the same line. Funko POP! manufacturers do this to leave room for one-off, special edition figures. Using this method for numbering collectibles ensures that you never miss a rare or exclusive character from any given line.

Now that you know what those Funko POP! numbers mean, you can develop a better strategy to collect every important figure in your favorite lines. Check out our inventory of Funko POP!s and other iconic vinyl collectibles from your favorite series, including an array of Fullmetal Alchemist toys, among many others. Browse our selection and start adding to your collection today!

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