Why 2022 Is the Year To Start Collecting Action Figures

Veteran collectors and anime fans expect 2022 to be a massive year for the community. From new releases to greater accessibility, now is the best time to build your inventory with fresh products. If you’re new to the scene or on the fence about joining, there’s no better time to jump in than right now. Discover why 2022 is the year to start collecting action figures and jumpstart your own collection.

New Franchise Additions

2022 has already given us some amazing new content, with popular franchises releasing new additions to their cinematic universes. Anime fans can’t wait to purchase new merchandise from films like One Piece Film: Red, featuring everyone’s favorite straw hat pirates. A new movie from the Dragon Ball Z universe, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, is also set to drop this summer, so everyone has something to look forward to!

More Collectible Accessibility

In the past, collectors frequented comic book shops and hole-in-the-wall retailers to get their hands on valuable anime figures. Now that the internet has connected us in extraordinary ways, access to collectibles is at an all-time high. It’s easy to jump online and search retailers for quirky characters and figures you’ve only dreamed of owning from popular animes like My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer, and much more. In 2022, anime collectible shopping is at your fingertips.

Delivery of Delayed Figures

Since the start of the pandemic, manufacturers have had to slow down production, with some stopping altogether. Coupled with issues in the shipping and trade industry, many collectors found themselves without their anticipated orders. As things begin to settle, these roadblocks are clearing up, allowing enthusiasts to receive their long-awaited products. Collectors no longer need to worry about annoying obstacles, making 2022 the year to start collecting action figures.

Access to Licensed Products

This year, expert collectors expect franchise owners to release more of their licensed products to popular manufacturers. This means more options and greater in-store availability, both in storefronts and online. Original characters are “intellectual property,” so action figure creators must go through the proper channels to obtain production rights. If you’ve been in the market for certain characters but haven’t been successful, 2022 might be your lucky year.

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