Shumi Weekly: What's New this Week! 9/8/19

     Hey everyone, ShumiRyes here back with this week's Shumi Weekly. Shumi Weekly will showcase all the exciting new and upcoming products Announced, Revealed, and for Pre-order now each week by the brands here at Shumi we all know and love. Some of those brands being FunkoGoodsmile Company, and Kotobukiya. For this week have some heavy hitters for you! Starting off with Funko.


     Starting off with this week at Funko we have the Biggest POP! publicly ever available for Funko Funatics! (Yes of course it's Batman.) For Batman's 80th Anniversary DC Comics is giving us 19 INCHES OF PURE BATMAN!(No not like that this isn't the "Damned" series, however we have that one In-Stock too.) First 4 inches, then they give us 6, then 10, and now 19 Inches. I mean this isn't the first time we have some bigger collectibles from Funko, like the 20-inch Wacky Wobblers they released years ago.* Freddy Funko Pictured Below* 

     Speaking of the Batfam, the Classic DC Superhero debuting this week as a Diamond Comics PX Previews Exclusive is Batwoman. Finally she gets the POP! treatment she has been deserving and in such a sick pose too. Colors flaring, and beautiful hair sculpt with Batarang in hand. The must-have Katherine Kane can be guaranteed through pre-ordering Here to add to your Funko bat-fam. I know quite a few people grabbing her for their collection, are you? Coming soon!

     Another Exclusive for pre-order,(First on the Shumination App) as it releases is an AAA Anime Exclusive Himiko Toga from the My Hero Academia series (Finally we are getting VILLAINS!) Wearing her schoolgirl outfit she is up and ready to go take some blood. With her knife in hand, and anime blush for days(SO KAWAII). An essential part in completing your set(I know she is coming into mine as soon as she drops).


     New and In-Stock this week! Just in time for IT: Chapter 2 we have three Pennywise for your clown collection. One of the hottest boy bands of the mid-90s we have all the guys from NSYNC. A video game classic turned anime Castlevania. Two New 80th Batman to add to your never ending collection of Batman.(Batmen?) and to top it all off another rendition of the lovely Betty Boop as a Mermaid! Make sure to follow our Instagram to see what shows up weekly as well! *All Pictured Below*


    This week from Kotobukiya we posted three All-New figures from two of the Hottest(Literally.) Anime of this year. We have from "The Rising of the Shield Hero" an Ani*Statue Raphtalia. This figure has an immaculate amount of details whether it be the sword, the orange "balloon", or just the shading and small fine details in the figure itself. A Must for any "Shield Hero" fan. This figure is set to release in January of 2020. (SEE ALL DETAILED IMAGES BY CLICKING HERE.)

     Koto continues with week with the flame-extinguishing comrades of the Special Fire Force squad. From company number 8 we have the main protagonist of the show "The Devil" Shinra Kusakabe. Floating above the well designed and thoroughly transparent flames with his special 3rd generation pyrokinetic technique: Ignition(Yes he produces flames from his feet, no he is not the devil that's just his nickname due to his smile). This Art-FX figure even illuminates as it does in the show so they can see through the smoke.*See Picture Below*

     Up next in the Fire Force lineup is the Fire Cat(or Fox) Tamaki Kotatsu. The newest waifu and third generation pyrotechnic comes in her classic Special Fire Force company 1 attire. Sporting her curves and all (0.0) This sweet ArtFx also illuminates in the dark like Shinra above. We haven't seen a whole ton of her yet in the season(Well, besides the newest episode. We saw MORE THAN ENOUGH of her.) Anyways, this figure is a MUST for any Fire Force, Kotobukiya, or Tamaki fan. See pictures below and click HERE for all the angles (Winky Face).


     Newly added this week from Good Smile we have more amazing Nendoroids from the Hit Series "Naruto," and "My Hero Academia." (You and I both know you can't wait til Season 4 next month. It is going to be WILD.) 

     From "Naruto Shippuden", we have the man that can control the shadows. Shikamaru Nara. He comes with three face plates including a standard expression, a crying expression and a lazy expression("What a drag."). Additional parts include Asuma sensei's lighter(I see why there is a sad face plate) and shadow parts to recreate Shikamaru's signature jutsu. With the articulations you can even put him in the classic 'Naruto Run' pose.(Is he going to be at Area 51 too?!?!). Be sure to display him with all your fellow characters from the Naruto Nendoroid Series!

     The other Nendo that is Now Available to pre-order is one of the scariest Nendoroids you will ever come across(I mean come on his whole face is covered by a BIG Hand). Tomura Shingaraki of "My Hero Academia." The leader of the League of Villains in the anime/manga. With his terrifying smirk and multitude a hands that all can be removed this a figure that will decay off the shelves(Get it, his quirk Decay....No?). Go pre-order HERE and make your own beginning to the league for your My Hero Academia set.












     You asked for it and we got it. MEGAHOUSE! These Gems of figures have a bunch of amazing sculpts and detail and we have a couple that are available for pre-order now. Including the newly posted Kakashi Hatake G.E.M. series. In his ninja stance crouched and ready to attack with an unlikely weapon in his arsenal the Kubikiribōchō (aka the "Executioner blade" aka Zabuza's Sword). The figure displays his sharingan eye with mask lowered and insane amount of detail throughout. Naruto fans this one is a great piece to add to your statue collection. See all the detailed pics of Kakashi HERE. 

     Well that's it for Shumi Weekly this week! Can't wait to see what we have in store for you next week! Comment Below what you are pre-ordering and ready to have in your hands very soon. 


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