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     Hey everyone, ShumiRyes here back with this week's Shumi Weekly. Shumi Weekly will showcase all the exciting new and upcoming products Announced, Revealed, and for Pre-order now each week by the brands here at Shumi we all know and love. Some of those brands being FunkoGoodsmile Company, and Megahouse. This week is Jam-packed with things for all the fans!(SO MUCH CUTENESS) Starting off with Funko!


     Another Week, another Batman. (I mean I guess they really did go all out for the 80th anniversary, but still). To compliment those collectors with their Red Son Superman comes Red Son Batman. Batmankanoff comes wearing his signature hat and batarang in hand. (He's literally Batman, but Russian). Coming in from a different dimension of the DC Comics Universe comes Bat-Mite! Jumping up in a silly pose to show off his character. 

     Speaking of popular, the K-Pop band that took the nation by storm BTS has POP! but what about their mascots?! Oh wait, now you can own them along with the Boys BT21! (Fun Fact, they are called BT21 because they were created by BTS and we are in the 21st century). The chibi-like characters of BT21 consists of the cute characters of KOYA, RJ, SHOOKY, MANG, CHIMMY, TATA and COOKY. *PRE-ORDER YOUR SET NOW*

     Here's one for the gamers! (AKA Me, but not me since i forbid myself to get addicted to this game). APEX Legends POP! are on the horizon and coming to Shumi within the coming months. Own 8 of your favorite Legends now as a POP! and reminisce on that time you earned a "You are the Champion." banner.

     *Que theme music*..."Nuh,Nuh,Nuh,Nuht *Snap,Snap.* Nuh,Nuh,Nuh,Nuht *Snap,Snap.* Next up on our reveals this week we have a new animated perspective of the quirky Addams family. Coming to theaters just in time for Halloween, this October for you and your family to bring your POP! to the flick and enjoy some popcorn (#POPTHEATER I know I will be)!

     *Not a fan of the animated version? We also have your classic Addams family IN-STOCK Now)*


     Alright, the moment we have ALL been waiting for...Marvel Fans DRUMROLL PLEASE..........AVENGERS ENDGAME SERIES 3! Wowowowowowowow all I can say is this wave is OUTSTANDING! I can't get over the individuality and likeness of each of these figures. Whether it be Bro Thor(That is literally what it says on the box) in his XL Pjs enjoying his pizza, insta-kill Spider-Man with gauntlet, or Captain America wielding Thor's hammer this set is NOT one to miss. Casual Thanos with his broken gauntlet and burned face is no joke either. Also in the wave we have a Gaming Korg playing Fortnite with N00bMast3r69, another Captain Marvel with surrounding energy, and a Taco sharing Professor Hulk. This wave is breathtaking, and a must for any Marvel fan. Which ones are you picking up? *CLICK TO PRE-ORDER SET OF 7 HERE*

     That's whats new and POP!ping Funko fans! Until next week!



     This week from Good SMILE we have a plethora of licenses and shows to choose from when it comes to our Nendoroids.

     From "Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle-" comes the leader of the Ikebukuro Division's "Buster Bros!!!", Ichiro Yamada! He comes with a standard expression, a rap battle expression, and a gentle smiling all while having parts such as his "MC.B.B." microphone and record to display(The green and red eyes give this Nendo a christmas feel, rapping about Santa Claus soon?). *Click HERE to see all of his details!* (ETA: August 2020)

     From the popular animated film series "Rebuild of Evangelion" comes a Nendoroid of the Second Child, Asuka Shikinami Langley. She comes with three faces including a standard expression, an angry expression and an expression pulling her eyelid down and sticking out her tongue. She has an optional bag and a hand with a pointing finger(to point you where to find the next nendoroid for your collection). *Click HERE to see all her magnificent details.* (ETA April 2020)

     From the popular manga/anime series "DEATH NOTE" comes a Nendoroid of L in an all-new updated version! He comes crouched in his chair with three face plates for his standard expression, his thinking expression, (often seen while he is biting his nails) and his smiling expression. Also ready to enjoy a slice of cake and handcuff himself up with his best friend and partner Light Yagami.(If you haven't seen DEATH NOTE do you even watch anime bro?!, all in all its a must watch and classic anime/manga for everyone). *Click HERE to see L in all his cake-eating glory.* (ETA APRIL 2020)

      There can be no L without Light Yagami He comes with three face plates, his standard expression, his surprised expression , and his "Exactly as planned." expression! Light's Death Note, his fountain pen, an apple and the famous scythe from the manga are included as optional parts. *Click HERE to see all of Light's details and newest props.* (ETA APRIL 2020)

      From the popular anime "ONE-PUNCH MAN" comes a third release of the Nendoroid who obtained unrivaled power - Saitama! The characteristic round appearance of his head has been completely preserved in Nendoroid form! He comes with two head parts each with different expressions: one with his standard unconcerned expression, and one with a more serious expression. He also comes with a super market packet to hold! *Click HERE to see all pics of Saitama!* (ETA DECEMBER 2019)


      To compliment Saitama, comes a fully-articulated Nendoroid action figure of Garou, the hero hunter who aims to be the world's strongest monster. He comes with two face plates including a standard expression and a combat expression. He also comes with some special effects parts to create his moves most accurately as depicted. *Click HERE to see some more of Garou!* (ETA DECEMBER 2019)


     Coming in as a Nendoroid from one of the most-popular anime/manga series of all-time "BLEACH" is Toshiro Hitsuyaga. He comes with three face plates:his standard expression, his intrepid smiling expression and his exasperated expression.Toshiro's Zanpakuto, "Hyorinmaru" can be displayed in standard and Bankai form and can also be displayed sheathed on his back. Using the included ice wing and interchangeable hand parts, his Daiguren Hyorinmaru appearance can be recreated. *Click HERE to see Toshiro in all his glory!*



     Coming to soon to Shumi and available for pre-order NOW are Megahouse Chibi "Chimi-Mega" Figures(They are so CUTE I WANT THEM ALL)! The "Chimi-Mega" line is approximately 2.5 inches with a MASSIVE amount of detail these "Buddy" figures come from all sorts of anime: Naruto Shippuden, Full Metal Alchemist, and Demon Slayer(Like I said too CUTE)!. *Get your Chibi Anime fix HERE.*



     Ending out probably the cutest Shumi Weekly ever, Bandai is coming at you with their own stylized chibi-esque mini figures. A little over 3-inches comes the first line everyone's favorite and new-hit shonen series My Hero Academia. This set consists of five students of UA High: Tenya Iida, Shoto Todoroki, Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, and Tsuyu Asui. *Click HERE to get your set of 5 Chibi Masters!* (ETA: MID-OCTOBER)


     Well that's it for our Shumi Weekly this time! Can't wait to see what we have in store for you next week! Comment Below what you are Pre-ordering and ready to have in your hands very soon. Thanks for stopping by!


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