Hey everyone, ShumiRyes here back with this week's Shumi Weekly. Shumi Weekly will showcase all the exciting new and upcoming products Announced, Revealed, and for Pre-order now each week by the brands here at Shumi we all know and love. Some of those brands being FunkoFiGPiN! This week is full of Funko POP! and Brand New FiGPiN! This week like any other we start off with Funko!


     This week starts off with a mouse Pokemon we all know and love Pikachu! So you may be asking yourself, didn't we already get a Pikachu POP!? Why yes Target did have an exclusive, however it was kinda in an awkward pose that just didn't clearly capture the essence of the most important Pokemon. So Funko decided to give us an all-new one that is SO much better than the original and he's waving! So cute! Can't wait to have the newest Pokemon Funko POP! Pikachu!

Get yours HERE.

     Let's start this next announcement off with a laugh. What's the difference between Tiger Woods and Santa Clause? Santa stopped at three ho's. Coming next from Funko is...yup, Tiger Woods himself in a red shirt (Red shirt meaning there could be more?). It looks as if Tiger Woods starts the POP! Golfers line, who do you want to see next? (I personally would love to see a Shooter McGavin, the greatest golfer in history.) 

Pre-Order yours HERE

     The next funko announcement is a showstopper! A Musical about a man who had a dream to create his own Circus! "The Greatest Showman" POP! are coming soon and we can't (and won't ever) get the phenomenal soundtrack out of our heads. Hugh Jackman really showed us what he was made of with this great film based on a true story.The Greatest Showman line consists of P.T. Barnum(Hugh Jackman), Phillip Carlyle(Zac Efron), Anne Wheeler(Zendaya), and Bearded Lady(Keala Settle). Grab your set for Pre-Order Today and dream a million dreams HERE.

     Turn a million dreams into nightmares with these two POP! coming soon from Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Harold the Scarecrow and Jangly Man are sure to give you the heebie jeebies and add to your POP! Horror line! This set of two will be sure to keep you awake at Night. 

Get yours HERE.

     To continue the evils of the dark we have the Mistress of Evil herself, Angelina Jolie as Maleficent from her new live-action sequel film from Disney. With so much detail in those horns,wings, and scepter in hand this is a must have for any Disney fan(YEAH I NEED IT).

Flying in your way soon HERE.

     From movies to TV shows we have a show that is dead as the title, "The Walking Dead" is coming with 4 All-New POP! and man does Daryl look OLD. The set of 4 for you TWD fans consists of Daryl, Dog, Alpha with mask, and Michonne(Judith Grimes is a First to Market with an exclusive retailer not named yet).

Get your set of 4 HERE.

      Coming in from another TV show you know him you love him, your favorite scientist *Que Theme Music* "Bill, Bill, Bill. BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY!" Your childhood(at least mine) show is coming to the POP! Icons line. Make some experiments with him by your side and check out his newest little snip it and get a good laugh(NSFW) HERE

Get Your Bill Icon HERE.

     Another interaction with the Television is Videogames! POP! Games line is coming out with the highly-anticipated Borderlands 3(FINALLY) with the miniscule line of a Decimated Claptrap(Seriously he got wrecked) and Lilith the Firehawk(well, thats her nickname). (We need more Vault Hunters period.) Gamestop is also leaked to get Female Psycho and Maya w CHASE as Exclusives for this line. (Still Need Vault Hunters from Previous Games as well). Get ready to acquire some more LOOT with your set HERE.



     Brand New and In-Stock this week we have Venomized Ghostrider coming in with the Special Edition sticker to add to your collection! Make sure you add some heat to your display today! 



     This week from FiGPiN we have some all-time favorite series announced for later in the year! We have FiGPiN Dragonball Z, IT:Chapter 2My Hero Academia, Borderlands 3 Series 2!( WOW it actually has Vault Hunters 0_0), and more Naruto Shippuden. 

     Dragonball Z seems like a never ending line of merch...and it NEVER will be, with these FiGPiN any DBZ fan can add to their collection, we have some Minis inlcuding Kid Trunks and Goten, and XL FiGPiN with Training Goku, and Great Ape Vegeta! These all look like they came straight out of the cartoons and onto wherever you FiGPiN stay. Get yours HERE.

     Oh man this next one that is now available for Pre-order is a doozy. Pennywise the dancing popular clown from the IT series is here just in time for the IT:Chapter 2 movie(I'm seeing it next weekend and I am terrified, but can't wait). This scary but lovable clown hopes that you'll float your way over to Derry to have a chat very soon. 
You'll Float Too HERE.
     My Hero Academia an anime that has transformed a lot of non-anime watchers into anime lovers is getting another series of FiGPiN. Starring favorites like Todoroki, Momo, and Tokoyami as FiGPiN Classic in one series and in another series coming later this year is classic versions of your favorite vilian duo Dabi, and Toga with your number one(ish) hero Toshinori Yagi and Big 3 Student Mirio Togata(POWERRRRR!). The number 2 spot of hero Endeavor is also coming as a XL FiGPiN in this series.
Click to check out the MHA set HERE.
      From the sights of Pandora come the newest brigade of Vault Hunters with Borderlands 3 FiGPiN. Choose your favorite VH character class now as your own FiGPiN(I am FL4K). Choose between the 4 Vault Hunter classes: The Siren-Amara, the Beastmaster-FL4K, the Gunner-Moze, and the Operative-Zane. Don't forget about our favorite robot Claptrap available in XL and Mini sizes(Unfortunately not playable in this game). Who will you take by your side on your adventures across the badlands?
Collect them all HERE.
     From Pandora to the Hidden Leaf with one student and one teacher come more Naruto Shippuden FiGPiN. Taijitsu expert Rock Lee and one of the legendary sanin Jiraiya sensei(BEST Purvy Sage) come in November as FiGPiN Classic.
Get your favorite Ninjas HERE.
     So Funko and FiGPiN were this weeks highlights for Shumi Weekly. They both blew me out of the water with some of these announcements. (Getting hard not wanting to collect collect FiGPiN here).Make sure you tune in and see what we have for all you collectors next week. 
     *Just wanted to give a quick update to our friends if you reached this far we wanted to let you know that we are deeply sorry for the slow response and lack of communication with our support team. We updated our services to better assist our friends and fans in the future. We are now caught up with ALL customer service questions/tickets. If you ever have a question or need anything please don't be afraid to email us at or please check out our FAQ page if needed. -(Shumi)*
There's a special discount on Venomized Ghost Rider if you've made it this far!
     Let us know in the comments what you're most excited for from this week, and what's to come! Until next week, I am ShumiRyes signing out! Have a great rest of your week!

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