Shumi Weekly: What's New this Week! 9/1/19

     Hey everyone ShumiRyes here, and welcome to Shumi Weekly. Shumi Weekly will showcase all the exciting new and upcoming products announced, revealed, and for pre-order now each week by the brands here at Shumi we all know and love. Some of those brands being Funko, Goodsmile Company, and FiGPiN. We even have some one off products this week for pre-order that are going to knock your socks off.


     First lets start with the brand that has taken the world by storm. Funko. *Did I mention our In-Stock Funko POP! are Buy 3 Get 1 FREE for this Labor Day Weekend?* 

     Funko this week has absolutely killed it! Video games, Ad Icons, Tv shows,more Biggie, and DBZ! Lots of additions to old lines and also completely new licenses to the Funko family.

     This week's Funko update starts out with some video games. Guild Wars 2 POP! Debuting with characters, Rytlock, Joko, and Baby Aurene. Did I mention the digital code included in each box? The detail on each individual figure is astonishing and a must have for any fantasy fan.

     Speaking of the fantasy, that brings us into two New Stranger Things POP! Robin & Alexis/Alexei(Smirnoff). A lot of people were iffy about adding new characters to the hit Netflix series and wondering how their chemistry would work and what would these new characters bring to this amazing show that wasn't already in it. Well, the Duffer bros did it again. Robin is a hit and a perfect compliment for Steve and the gang. While the heartthrob Russian scientist Alexis/Alexei/Smirnoff really gave us a fun fan favorite character that melts your heart with his iconic 7/11 cherry...I mean strawberry Slurpee.

     The additions to next line from Funko are sure to be a hit in any household that eats, drinks, or needs their television remote to work. Chester the Cheetah from Cheetos, the Coca-Cola Polar Bear, and the Energizer Bunny. These characters are known and recognized all around the world. They are each in their own way iconic to everyday life and some collectors that have never had a Funko piece will jump for these in their collection. I for sure will be snatching every single one of them to add to my ad icons line. Will we get some variants down the line? Maybe a Flamin' Hot Cheetos Chester or a Flocked Bunny or Polar Bear? Only Funko knows. What ad icons do you want to see next? Personally I am dying for a Mr. Owl POP! from Tootsie Pop! We have one in the mystery mini line so it's only a matter of time, right?

     Netflix fans, an original show based on the hit graphic novels are here in Funko POP! form! Umbrella Academy has all your favorite characters from the highly-rated must binge series on Netflix! The set of 12 line has TWO CHASES and you can guarantee them with a pre-order Here.

     We have another amazing POP! Rocks figure variation with his rings and bling of Biggie coming back your way and into your hands soon.

     The last line to talk about to wrap up Funko for this week is a fan-favorite and one of my favorites that I don't believe will ever stop wowing me is Dragon Ball Z. I think we are on wave 9 or 10? I kinda lost count with how many there are. The details on each wave get better and better and we have a killer bundle here to give all the anime fans what they want. My personal favorite and a long time want from this wave is the Android 16. Since we got 17 and 18 a few months back I myself have been dying to see the figure. The details and dynamic poses of this line is what keeps me and all the Dragonball lovers running to the shelves as soon as they drop.


     New this week from FiGPiN and available to pre-order is a pretty sweet line for the Deadpool fans. Mini FiGPiNs of him in multiple decades. Something that is just as classic as Deadpool himself. We see him celebrating the 50s sporting a biker jacket with a shake in hand, the 70s complete with roller blades and disco ball in hand, and 80s looking fresh with his bucket hat, key chain, and boombox stereo. Each is a Must-Have for all Deadpool fans.


     From Goodsmile this week we have the hottest anime of 2019 that is sweeping the nation by storm(YES I AM CAUGHT UP), Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no yaiba Nendoroids.(YES I WANT THEM) Starting off the line with main protagonist and demon slayer himself Tanjiro Kamado, and his sister Nezuko.

     Tanjiro comes dressed in his demon slayer uniform complete with haori and with three face plates including his standard expression, a gallant combat expression and a gentle smiling expression while including his black Nichirin Blade and effect parts to recreate his first style and second style of Total Concentration Water Breathing: Water Surface Slice and Water Wheel moves.

     While the cutest little sister Nezuko comes with her very own box(that can even attach to separate Tanjiro nendoroid) and a seperate demon face to add. They are both slated for the Release of May 2020 but get them while you can at our special pre-order price for each.


     Still talking about one of the most watched anime since its release in 2019 comes a Tanjiro Kamado 1/8th scale figure exclusively to Aniplex this statue-like figure is one of kind and demonstrates Tanjiro performing his Water Breathing Tenth Form: Constant Flux. The figures detail is straight from the manga/anime and gives you the chills you were given down your spine when Tanjiro performs this form for the first time in episode 19.(Seriously if you aren't watching this WHY?) 

     Well thats it for Shumi Weekly this week! Until next time. Comment Below what you are pre-ordering and ready to have in your hands very soon. 



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