5 Things To Know About FiGPiN Collectibles

Collectible toys come in all shapes and sizes, but the most common ones are the standing statuettes. Despite their popularity, there is a whole range of collectible character media types on the market, including pins. Explore these five things to know about FiGPiN collectibles.

They’re Multifunctional

At their core, FiGPiNS are all about multifunctionality. These character pins have versatile backers that can serve either as a pin clasp or display stand. FiGPiNS make for perfect additions to your collectible shelf or your next outfit since you can wear them or show them off!

They Cover Many Franchises

The true test of quality for a toy manufacturer is the variety of franchises they create. Assassin’s Creed, DC Comics, Disney, Dragon Ball, Harry Potter, and more—FiGPiN’s selection doesn’t disappoint. If you want a blast from the past with a Scooby-Doo pin or an homage to your favorite Star Wars character, you can find a FiGPiN for it.

They’re Distinctive

As an enamel pin with highly accurate detailing that stays true to the original depiction, FiGPiN mastered the art of two-dimensional character recreations. These handcrafted masterpieces are as distinctive as they come; no other collectibles creator can match the breadth of content or attention to detail. These collectibles will surely stand in a league of their own on your shelf.

They Have an App

While many manufacturers design their collectibles intending to sell only the toy, FiGPiN created an opportunity for increased connectivity between collector’s items and consumer interests. FiGPiNs are also serialized. So each pin is truly unique to when it was created and the power it unlocks in the app. Join the surging fandom of FiGPiN users today!

They’re Fun

Every toy collector’s dream is to find a way to merge their collection with their everyday life. While this usually means visiting conventions and wearing character-based graphic T-shirts, FiGPiNS offer a whole new level of integrated fun. When you can wear your favorite character on your lapel or clasp them to your backpack, you experience the joy of fantastical creativity every time you look down.

Remember these five things to know about FiGPiN collectibles as you peruse the collectibles market. If you want to add a notable enamel pin to your election, check out our array of FiGPiNS for sale at Shumi Toys & Gifts!

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