A Simple Guide To Different Types of Anime Figures

The world of collectible toys is vast. This is because there are thousands of comics, manga, anime, movies, and series, but it doesn’t reduce the sheer volume of content available for collectors to sort through. If you want to start somewhere, one of the best places to get going is the world of anime. Here is a simple guide to different types of anime figures.

Action Figures

The most common type of anime figure is the action figure. These toys come in two main types: firm and jointed figures. The firm ones are frozen in time performing a particular action, typically set on a round base. Jointed figures move in various directions, making them ideal for the playful spirit. Banpresto, among other companies, creates some of the best non-articulated toys on the market—add a few Banpresto anime figures to your collection.

High-Quality Figures

As the name implies, high-quality figures are the best of the best; these creative pieces show off every tiny detail. Creators of high-quality statuettes focus on the art of the figure, setting them a notch above the competition. You can find high-quality figures for many anime series, and they often feature a background from the story or a character’s unique superpower.


Chibi action figures are highly distinguishable due to their stylized features. These toys have disproportionately large heads that sit atop a normal-sized body. One of the most famous toys inspired by this style is the Funko POP! line of action figures. These, along with Nendoroids and Kotobukiya Chibis, make up a large portion of the statuette market that aims for notably kawaii features.

Collectible Pins

Another kind of anime figure is more of a multifunctional pin. Collectible pins come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, but many feature anime characters, like those at FiGPiN. These collectibles can serve as a clothing accessory or a stand-up statue.


The smallest and cheapest type of action figure, gashapons are easy to collect. In Japan, you can find these small figurines encapsulated within a dispensable ball on a vending machine shelf. Gashapons are some of the tiniest collectibles on the market, making them perfect for small-scale scene recreations.

With this simple guide to different types of anime figures in your back pocket, you can navigate the dense online collectible toy scene. If you have any further questions about anime figures or would like to add a few to your growing collection, reach out to our team at Shumi Toys & Gifts today!

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