10 Reasons Why We Love Collecting Funko POPs!

The toy company Funko is well known for its POP! figurine line. Funko’s industry prowess makes them a top choice for toy collectors worldwide. Whether you’re a novice hobbyist or long-time collector, Funko POP! toys are essential to have on display. Here are the top ten reasons why we love collecting Funko POPs!

#1: Consistent and Attractive Aesthetic

Let’s just be honest—Funko POP! figures are aesthetically pleasing to look at. Their characteristically oversized heads may sit disproportionately atop their toy bodies, but their rounded, sparse features make for pleasant viewing. Whenever a new Funko comes out, you know it’ll feature that same airbrushed quality.

A wall of all different kinds of figure shapes and styles can look impressive but busy. If you want a streamlined, semi-minimalist look, then Funko’s POP! collection offers you the style and shape consistency you need. Designers build every character with the same round, boxy head with variances only in the facial features, color, and adornments.

The production consistency is something that makes Funko POPs! a dependable and enjoyable toy to collect. They always leave you wondering, “How will they creatively fit this character’s odd features into the same mold?”

#2: Mainstream Pop Culture

Funko POPs! are all about documenting mainstream pop culture. Whether you avidly follow the most prominent figures across the nation or not, everyone can find at least one POP! they can recognize. Fictional superheroes, musical performers, wrestling athletes, advertisement icons—the POP! series captures all kinds of notable figures in their figurines.

If you enjoy any kind of fictional universe, then you can bet Funko has a POP! figurine designed after one of the main characters. While pop culture is a broad concept, Funko manages to provide a sampling from every major stream of media. When you collect Funko POPs! from today, you capture the unique people and stories that dominate cultural conversations.

#3: Join the Community of POP! Collectors

When you collect Funko POPs!, you don’t just grab a snippet of pop culture—you also take part in POP! culture. There is a diverse community of POP! collectors who love partaking in the creative curation of Funko vinyl figures. Further, due to the varied themes in the POP! line, you can find interest groups for specific themes in the series.

#4: Appeal to People of All Ages

Funko POPs! are for people of all ages. They appeal to anyone who has a sense of wonder and a connection to popular characters and culture. An adult who follows the WWE can appreciate a POP! vinyl just as much as a grade-schooler who watches Marvel superhero movies. Because their content is so varied and their toymaking is so versatile, Funko POPs! truly appeal to all kinds of people.

#5: Massive Resale Potential

Many Funko POP! collectors get into the hobby because of the fun of it. However, entrepreneurial collectors see the massive resale potential in Funko POP! vinyl figures. Depending on the edition, popularity, and rarity, Funko POPs! can actually sell for thousands of dollars.

Some of the rarest and most expensive POPs! travel to conventions looking for a lucky collector to take it home. While prices and rarity change over time, in recent history, the most expensive Funko POP! was the glow in the dark figure representing Alex DeLarge from Clockwork Orange going for $13,000. Though most POPs! are significantly cheaper, if you want to collect and resell vintage, mint condition, and rare Funko vinyls, you could develop a lucrative side hustle.

#6: Cheap Entry Point

Compared to other collectible types, Funko POPs! are cheap; you can find dozens and dozens of figures for $20 or less. In the toy industry, this price is quite reasonable and is far below other famous toy options, like LEGO sets and Barbie dolls.

This means that it’s highly attainable for even the most novice collector to have a range of Funko items. If you want to begin your collecting journey without breaking the bank, then POP! vinyl figurines are the way to go.

#7: Fresh Releases and New Content

Since pop culture is always changing, Funko updates its selection with new items every month. Because there’s a steady stream of fresh figurines, you can always stay up to date with the newest superheroes or sports stars. Other toymakers develop their figures slowly and operate in a small niche. Funko spans every aspect of popular culture, which continuously proffers new content for memorialization.

#8: Collect Well-Known Characters

When you have an array of collectibles, you want people to notice. However, there are few things as frustrating as explaining what each figurine is and what world they come from. Funko POP! removes the explanatory obstacle for collectors. Since the toy subjects are popular people in mainstream media, they are easy for viewers to identify. Sure, you may still have to explain a few of them, but their semblances are highly recognizable.

#9: Find Gifts Easily

Because Funko POPs! are so famous and their toys depict well-known personages, they make for great gifts. You can easily buy Funko online for a friend or family member who would love to open a POP! figurine on their birthday. Everyone from grade-school Star Wars fans to niche collectors will appreciate a Funko POP!

#10: Enjoy the Fun

Collecting Funko POP! figures is just plain fun—there’s no other way to describe it. The concept of owning a piece of your favorite fictional character or sports star gives you a tangible foothold in their world. Whether you leave your POPs! in the box or take them out, you can have fun with them in more ways than one.

Additionally, it’s satisfying to look up and see a slew of POP! vinyl figurines lining your shelves or walls, giving it an artful appearance. Whether you’re a passive toy hobbyist or a serious Funko collector, everyone can enjoy the thrill of receiving a clear-packaged brand new Funko POP! toy.

At the end of the day, it’s challenging to limit ourselves to just ten reasons why we love collecting Funko POPs! There are endless ways to explore and enjoy the Funko POP! collection. Since the universe of POP! vinyl figures is always expanding, there’s always something new to discover. Check out the latest and greatest Funko POPs! online at Shumi Toys & Gifts today!

10 Reasons Why We Love Collecting Funko POPs!

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