Shumi x PSA Encapsulated Signature Series - Nezuko Kamado (Abby Trott) [READ DESCRIPTION]

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**We strive to provide the best condition for these signature items.  Since it does go through many facilitators to get it from brand new in box unsigned to signed, authenticated, certified, and encapsulated.  We do not see the final product until they came back from PSA.  Mint condition cannot be guaranteed. All sales are final**

Each POP is signed by Nezuko Kamado English Voice Actor - Abby Trott

PSA authenticated and graded the signatures only and not the Funko or it's box.. Flawless signatures are marked as GEM MINT 10.

There are 28 pieces available. Each order is randomly picked from the pool of 28. There are 2 GEM Mint 10 authenticated and Graded Signatures and 26 Authenticated Autographs.

Set your signature collection apart from others in the market. 

All of the possible pull in this Mystery Box are listed below:

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