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$5 Flat Rate Shipping available for Contiguous U.S. orders.

High-Grade Electronic Toy Elucidator: Special Edition


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SKU G96291

The Black Swordsman's Elucidator — Special Edition

The High-Grade Electronic Toy Elucidator is a part of Good Smile Company and Cerevo's cutting-edge High-Grade Electronic Toy series of recreations of items from anime and manga series.

From the anime series "Sword Art Online" comes a 1/1 high-grade replica of The Black Swordsman Kirito's demonic-class one-handed sword, Elucidator! Utilizing the latest technology in collaboration with the company Cerevo,
Good Smile Company has produced a replica that incorporates light, sound and movement like never before.

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Product Contents

  • Elucidator
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • USB Cable for Recharging Battery (USB Type-C to USB-A)
  • Quick Setup Guide / Warranty Certificate
  • Carrying Case with Metal Plate Decoration

Recreate Sword Skills

  • The sword's gyro sensor and over 700 LED lights respond to your movements with dazzling light and high-quality sound.
  • Gripping, readying and attacking with the sword produces sound corresponding to your movements.*1

Starburst Stream

  • The 16-hit Sword Skill can be activated through voice command or a button at the base of the sword.
  • While the Sword Skill is active, music from the anime series will play and the sounds produced by Sword Skills will change.
  • *The Dual Blades Skill has been specially recorded for this product.

Smartphone Connection

  • By wirelessly connecting Elucidator to your smartphone, the following features are possible:*2
  • In addition to Normal Mode, Elucidator can be switched to Display Mode, in which the sword periodically flashes with light, and Flash Mode, in which the sword's light constantly shines.
  • The color of the light can be freely set with RGB sliders.
  • Play sounds from your smartphone in accordance to Elucidator's movements.
  • Use Sound Mode to freely play Elucidator's various sounds.

Special Edition

  • The Special Edition features parts made with anodized aluminium and a real sheepskin leather grip for an even more authentic look and feel.
  • Includes a specially made carrying case with metal plate decoration. Case has space for Elucidator, three batteries and USB charging cable.

*Batteries only available for purchase in Japan.

*1 On-board Sword Skills:
· SLANT (A diagonal slash.)
· VERTICAL (A slash from above.)
· VERTICAL ARC (A slash from above, then vertically from below.)
· HORIZONTAL (A slash from the side.)
· VORPAL STRIKE (A stab through the middle.)
· STARBURST STREAM (Activated by voice command or by pressing the function button.)
*2 A special application is necessary for smartphone connection. The application will be available as a free download at a later date.

*This product is intended for ages 15 and over. Only available for purchase in Japan, China, Taiwan and the USA. Customer support will not be offered in other countries.