Why You Should Display Your Funko POP! In Its Box

When a new toy arrives on your doorstep, half the excitement is opening the package to see the figure inside. However, you face a critical decision: should you take the toy out of the box or keep it in its original packaging? Discover why you should display your Funko POP! in its box.

Create a Cohesive Aesthetic

Toy collecting isn’t just about the style or rarity of toys you have; it’s also about the aesthetic you create across your entire shelf. A collection on display should represent a consistent story or unifying theme, and there is no better way to do this than by using the original packaging for toys from the same line. Funko POPs! are iconic toys that follow the same stylistic rules: oversized heads, rounded features, triangular noses, and pitch-black eyes. Because of their similarities, displaying POPs! in their original boxes helps you create a cohesive story.

Preserve Its Value

Depending on your collection and your future intentions for it, you may want to keep the toy in the box. Should you ever decide to sell your Funko POPs!, there are price variances between mint-in-box (MIB), never-removed-from-package (NRFP), mint-in-sealed-box (MISB), back-in-box (BIB), and out-of-box (OOB) conditions. The farther the product is from mint condition, the lower its value. Keep your options open by not opening your Funko POP! box and, instead, displaying the toy in its original packaging.

Remember Product Information

Every Funko POP! comes in a box that lists critical information about the toy and the character inside. The design provides notes about the character’s name, franchise, Funko production number, rarity, construction, and more. While many characters exhibit immediately identifiable features, these identities may not be self-evident to novice collectors or casual viewers. Jog your memory and help uninformed onlookers by keeping your Funko in its box.

Knowing why you should display your Funko POP! in its box can help you make the best decision for your collection. Should you want to expand your collection and add more boxed-in POPs!, check out our Naruto Funko POP! for sale. At Shumi Toys & Gifts, we have an expansive collection of Funko POPs! that will add new flavor to your shelves.

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