5 Gift Ideas Any Avatar: The Last Airbender Fan Will Love

Avatar: The Last Airbender was a momentous show that marked thousands of childhoods across the world. Whether you’re familiar with the show or not, you probably know someone who is. If your close friend or family member has a gift-giving occasion coming up, then you better find something ATLA-related to give them. Check out these five gift ideas any Avatar: The Last Airbender fan will love.

Avatar Funko POP!s

What could be better than an aesthetically pleasing, pop-culture-inspired collector’s figure like the Aang Funko POP! toy? If you want to truly surprise your friend, give them an unforgettable item to add to their collection. There are dozens of ATLA characters that have been Funko-fied, so choose your friend or family member’s favorite character from the show. When you’re perusing the options, be sure to find either MIB or MIP POP!s. Otherwise, you could risk gifting a beat-up toy to your friend.

Avatar and Korra Collection Set

Avatar: The Last Airbender and its follow-up The Legend of Korra are set in a mesmerizing, detailed, and rich fantasy world fans love getting lost in. As such, what could be a better gift than a collector’s edition set of the shows? Get a DVD boxed set or digital set and send it over to your friend. They’re sure to love it.

ATLA Branded Clothes

We all love wearing our favorite characters and shows on our sleeves. Get your ATLA-obsessed friend or family member a piece of branded clothing featuring characters, title logos, or sayings from the show. You can bet your gift will be their go-to piece of apparel week after week.

Avatar Graphic Novels

The Avatar series left viewers with several unanswered questions. Let the plot thicken anew by giving your friend or family member an Avatar graphic novel. With the original characters in new situations, any fan worth their salt will enjoy diving into the Avatar world again. The comics showcase the world of the four nations as new and yet intimately familiar.

ATLA-Inspired Games

Avatar: The Last Airbender’s amazingly written plot lines and characters have even inspired board games. If your Avatar-loving friend or family member also happens to be a huge board game nerd, then a board game based on a show they love will be the perfect gift.

As you peruse these five gift ideas any Avatar: The Last Airbender fan will love, find something you know the other person will click with. If you’re absolutely stumped and don’t know what to pick, check out our selection of high-quality Avatar: The Last Airbender gifts right here at Shumi Toys & Gifts.

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