Tips for Displaying Your FiGPiN Collectibles

If you’re looking to spice up your toy collection but don’t know where to start, look no further than FiGPiNs! These tiny collectibles feature iconic characters from your favorite anime, comic books, video games, and more. With ultra-fine details and multifunctional uses, you’ll want to show off your collection to the world. Improve your current collection with these tips for displaying your FiGPiN collectibles.

Use Pin Backers

Did you know that every FiGPiN comes with its own display stand? These itsy-bitsy collectibles have backers that encase your pin’s sharp points while providing support. Hold onto your FiGPiN’s accessories and use them to your advantage. With pin backers, you can display your iconic characters anywhere your heart desires.

Embrace Jewel Cases

Pin backers aren’t the only valuable accessories accompanying your FiGPiNs. They also come in jewel cases for display purposes and have backing art incorporated into their designs. Secure your pin to the case’s internal post and slide the backer art into the appropriate spot to display your collectible against an intricate backdrop. You can set your jewel cases on any flat surface around your home to show off your growing collection.

Utilize Your Space

Expert collectors know that utilizing space the right way can make or break your collectible display. Since FiGPiNs don’t take up much room, you have the opportunity to get super creative with your showcasing methods. Some people use extra shelf or countertop space to display their pins. Other options include:

  • Glass cases
  • PC cases
  • 3D-printed customized display cases
  • Cork bulletin boards
  • Shadow box frames
  • Embroidery hoop pin displays
  • Enamel pin wall display banners

Keep Them Organized

The most important tip for displaying your FiGPiN collectibles is keeping everything organized. These pins are small, which can make them easy to misplace. While you can wear your pins on jackets, hats, and other attire, it’s best to keep them secure in your display for maximum protection. You can even keep track of your pins by registering them on the FiGPiN App to further improve your collection organizational techniques.

By following these tips, you’ll surely impress even the most veteran collectors. Diversify your inventory by adding more FiGPiN collectibles to your collection. Shumi Toys & Gifts has so many incredible options to choose from, so start shopping today!

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