3 Tips for Displaying Your Enamel Pins on a Hat

When it comes to collectibles, the fun doesn’t stop with figurines. Enamel pins featuring your most beloved anime characters are an excellent way to spice up your growing collection. FiGPiNs are accessible and versatile, with many fans showcasing their inventory on their clothing. If you’re ready to show off your FiGPiN collection, here are three tips for displaying your enamel pins on a hat.

Always Use the Backer

Enamel pins like FiGPiNs come with accessories to make them easier to use. Creators make backers specifically for these collectible pins to keep them secure, no matter how you choose to wear them. While manufacturers design FiGPiN backers to act as a display stand, they also work as a sturdy lock to keep them in place on your clothing.

Designers construct your enamel pin backers with strong materials that can withstand movement. These backers also provide additional security for you, protecting your head from their double spikes for maximum comfort. You’ll never need to worry about losing your pins while wearing them on your caps.

Consider Using Pin Locks

While enamel pins come with their own backers, you can choose to purchase other options for extra support. Pin lockers exist to secure collectible pins in place and eliminate any sort of movement that could dislodge them from your hat. These useful mechanisms come in metal, plastic, and rubber models, so everyone can find the pin accessory that meets their specific needs.

Separate pin locks work well for people who feel like FiGPiN backers are a little too bulky. They’re also nice to have on hand just in case you lose the original backers, so you can still rock your collectibles in style. This tip for displaying your enamel pins on a hat will cover all of your bases so that your valuable items are always safe.

Keep Hats Stationary

Creators made collectible anime pins for fans to wear on all kinds of fashionable hats. However, this doesn’t mean you have to wear them out to appreciate them entirely. Many choose to keep their pins and collectibles in a static display at home to admire.

Consider using your hats as a makeshift display if you still want to incorporate your headwear into your FiGPiN collection without risking damage. Secure your pins to your favorite caps and arrange them in a glass or acrylic case. If you do choose to wear your pins outside, avoid anything that could yank your collectibles and scratch up their surfaces.

Enamel pins make it possible for collectors to wear their favorite characters and showcase them to the world. Buy FiGPiNs from Shumi Toys & Gifts and expand your inventory with unique items to diversify your collection.

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