5 Ways To Spot a Fake Nendoroid Action Figure

As the demand for high-quality collectibles rises, people looking to make a quick buck are putting cheap, knock-off versions of beloved characters on the market. Most action figure brands have this problem, including Japanese Nendoroid toys. Fans from all over are so eager to get their hands on these figurines that it can be difficult to distinguish a bootleg from the real deal. Here are five ways to spot a fake Nendoroid action figure.

Dubious Packaging

Seasoned collectors know that an action figure’s packaging is almost as important as the figure itself. Bootlegged figurines won’t come in an authentic box; instead, they come in packages with very generalized wording and artwork. Look out for the Nendoroid brand name before buying the figure. If you can’t locate the brand name or logo on the box, it’s probably a fake.

No Sticker of Authenticity

Another way to spot a fake Nendoroid action figure is by checking for a sticker of authenticity. No matter what you’re collecting, most valuable items come with a special sticker indicating that it is legitimate. These stickers may come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, but they will always have the company name. If your Nendoroid doesn’t have a sticker of authenticity or is missing the company name, you might have a bootleg.

Poor Quality

Devoted fans know that Nendoroid action figures are high-quality collectibles. Real Nendoroid figures are matte, have impeccable paint jobs, and have working joints that can withstand movement. On the other hand, knock-offs might have a shiny appearance, sloppy paint details, and bad joints that break with slight manipulation. Try comparing your figure to an authenticated one; fake action figures will stand out against the quality of real ones.

Suspiciously Low Price

You know the old saying, “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.” The same is true for action figures. As we mentioned, a Nendoroid action figure is a high-quality collectible, and its price reflects that. Don’t get too excited if you come across a collectible with a suspiciously low price tag. There is a reason why fake figures cost less than their original versions, so keep that in mind while you’re shopping.

Product Release Timing

It’s not common for companies to release action figures before their intended debut date. Occasionally, manufacturers will advertise early releases at specific events, like Comic-Con. However, they will make this announcement through verified channels, so you’ll always know if the news is accurate. Be wary of figures that hit the market before the official release date; bootleggers target eager fans who want the newest toy as soon as possible.

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