5 Practical Ways to Display Your Action Figures

Displaying action figures is an art form that not many people are able to perfect. There are so many options for showcasing your figurines that it can be hard to pick the right one. If you want to showcase your collection in a way that allows you to see everything at once, you need to optimize your space. Here are five practical ways to display your action figures.

Glass Cases

One tried and true way to show off your collection is by using glass cases. As a staple in the collectible community, this storage option is a fan favorite. These strong and sturdy containers are easy to assemble and clean and provide enough space for all your important collectibles. They are also versatile, so you can set them up in whichever part of your home you desire.


Some pieces of furniture are multi-purpose, like bookshelves. If you aren’t an avid reader but have a sizable action figure collection, consider transforming your unused bookcases into a display for your collectibles. Bookshelves are an easy way to keep your collection organized. You will also have easy access to your valuables, so you won’t need to move, unlock, or disassemble anything to clean or access your items.

PC Cases

Gamers and tech enthusiasts can blend their love of computers and collectibles by displaying their figures in PC cases. Using your computer as a storage method is an interesting option that will intrigue anyone looking at your collection. Make sure to monitor heat levels and supply enough airflow to your PC-enclosed collectibles; this way, you will create an eye-catching display without damaging your valuable figures.

Floating Shelves

If you’re still looking for practical ways to display your action figures, floating shelves could be the answer to all your needs. Floating shelves are perfect because they are easily adaptable. You can install them almost anywhere and can hold both opened and unopened figures. Showcasing your collectibles on floating shelves makes it possible to display your entire inventory while keeping them in their original packaging.

Wall-Mounted Display Case

You might feel like bookcases and floating shelves don’t give your action figures enough protection; if that’s the case, a wall-mounted display case could provide you with that extra sense of security. This variation of a standard glass container will shield your figures from the elements, making them less likely to sustain damage. While this option can get expensive, it’s a worthwhile investment if you want to keep your collection in good condition.

There’s no right way to showcase your action figures; the best way to present your collection is by using whatever method works best for you. At Shumi Toys & Gifts, we have so many options to add to your display, including Kotobukiya collectibles. Contact us today to find your perfect addition!

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