4 of the Rarest Dragon Ball Z Action Figures of All Time

Whether you’re an avid fan who’s watched and read all the Dragon Ball content out there, or you’re a casual watcher of anime, you can’t get far without hearing the name Goku. The central protagonist of the massive Dragon Ball story is surrounded by dozens of characters, all of whom play vital roles in the epic saga. If you enjoy collecting figures and recreating scenes from your favorite stories, then you can’t do much better than Dragon Ball Z. Discover four of the rarest Dragon Ball Z action figures of all time in this article.

Angel Goku From Banpresto’s Ichiban Kuji Series

This cover-art-inspired action figure depicts Goku in angelic form, sporting a full-sized set of white wings and a halo. If you’re a fan of Akira Toriyama’s drawing style, then you’ll love this figure set in one of his most iconic pages ever inked. Banpresto sticks pretty close to the hand-drawn rendering by situating Goku atop the dragon Shenron.

King Cold From Banpresto’s Tokyo Toy Festival

This limited edition of the Dragon Ball villain is one of only 500, making it quite a rare find. Keeping in style with the character’s towering appearance in the canon, the figure version stands at just over one foot. This collectible comes with a vinyl throne which King Cold can either sit in or stand beside.

Super Saiyan Goku From SH Figuarts’ San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Series

As the main character in the Dragon Ball world, Goku effortlessly reaches the top of the most exclusive Dragon Ball Z figures. The Super Saiyan Goku action figure by SH Figuarts is one such interpretation that debuted for the first and only time at the San Diego Comic-Con. Due to its rarity and exclusivity, this figure can go for fairly high prices online.

Yardrat Goku From Bandai’s Full Action Pose Series

Considered the rarest of all Dragon Ball collectibles, the Yardrat Goku is so mysterious and limited that some believe it doesn’t even exist. This is simply speculation by saddened collectors who have tried their hardest to find this unlocatable figure. The Yardrat Goku is the ultimate collector’s item since it’s surrounded by so much mystery.

After exploring four of the rarest Dragon Ball Z action figures of all time, you can get a sense of how broad and deep the world of Dragon Ball collectibles goes. If you want to start somewhere a tad more accessible, check out our Dragon Ball Z action figures for sale online at Shumi Toys & Gifts. Our array of characters from the franchise will give you something fun and unique to add to your collection.

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