3 Ways To Decorate Your Rooms With Action Figures

Whether you’re a casual hobbyist or expert collector, you undoubtedly have at least a few pieces you want others to admire. The best way to do so is with a dedicated display area. Explore these three ways to decorate your rooms with action figures.

Your Office Wall

Don’t just set your desk among a collection of books and mementos on a wall of bookshelves. Though it creates a library aesthetic, the study is a well-worn concept. Bring new life to your office and give yourself something fun and inspiring to look at throughout the workday with a wall of action figures. Build small or medium-sized floating shelves and space them out around the wall or the whole room. You can then put all your collectibles in one place.

Your Bedroom Shelves

The bedroom is where our dreams meet us, so encourage your creative imagination with all your favorite characters. No matter what the franchise or style is, you can throw together a masterful array of fun figurines to admire at any time of day or night.

Your Living Room Corner

A great option for decorating your home with action figures is with a display case in your living room. The corners are often the best places to keep these towering configurations because they usually have lots of glass, and you’ll want to keep this fragile piece away from high-traffic walkways. Bring color and life to your living room and spark conversations with friends and family alike via a figurine display case.

With these three ways to decorate your rooms with action figures, you can put all your favorite characters where you can see them. If you need to expand your collection, a great place to start is with Kotobukiya figures like the ones online at Shumi Toys & Gifts. Check out our selection today and find your new prized collector’s item.

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