What’s the Difference Between Nendoroids and Figmas?

If you cherish anime collectables, you’re probably familiar with the Good SMILE Company. Fans revere this brand for its high-quality collectibles that span across countless franchises. Good SMILE has several successful lines, including the ultra-popular Nendoroid and Figma collections.

Since the same brand creates both of these lines, how different could they really be? The truth is that distinct features separate each collection. Understand the difference between Nendoroids and Figmas so you can curate a perfect inventory.


Nendoroid and Figma figures have several similarities. Range, articulation, accessibility—you don’t lose out on any of these factors regardless of the line you choose. However, there’s a noticeable difference in size that collectors should keep in mind.

Nendoroid figures are smaller than their Figma counterparts by several millimeters. To the untrained eye, this difference might seem irrelevant. However, those measurements add up and can cost you tons of storage space. Keep size in mind so you don’t overcrowd your displays.


Some collectors like to unbox their figures in one piece. Others enjoy building their collectibles with a more hands-on approach. Assembly is one of the key differences between Nendoroids and Figmas that could make or break or decision.

Typically, Figma figures don’t come with removable parts, making them super stable and easily poseable. Nendoroids, on the other hand, usually require some sort of assembly. However, they are high-quality collectibles that look great on any display, so don’t let this factor turn you away.


One of the most obvious differences between Figma and Nendoroid figures is their appearance. Figma collectibles are super realistic. They have fine details and look like mimics of their original animated characters.

Nendoroids also have intricate details woven into their designs. However, this line follows the “chibi” style and focuses on the “cute” factor. If your goal is to make people say “AWWW” when they see your collection, Nendoroid might be the way to go.


All of these differences affect figure price points. Nendoroid collectibles are typically cheaper than Figmas due to their assembly needs and quality of parts. Figmas might cost more, but usually require less work to integrate into your collection.

Price prediction is not a perfect science. Some rare and limited addition Nendoroids can go for a pretty penny. Make sure your budget can handle your inventory, but don’t skip Figmas just because they are more expensive.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what line is best for your inventory. Luckily, Shumi Toys and Gifts sells both lines to give you ultimate control. Check out our collection of Good SMILE Company figures to find your newest addition!

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