Good morning Nation!

Nghia here.

I want to personally thank you for all your support.  Shumi would not be where we are now without each and everyone of you. I try my best to be as transparent as possible if time permits. I know and have heard horror stories about other small retailer scamming our community out of hard earn money.  I can assure you, I decided late 2018 to quit my full time job so I can focus on Shumi and aim to be a foundation that will provide a great experience for everyone!


There are a few developments so I'll make it quick.

First off, we are currently prepping to move to a bigger location. Our goal for this location is to provide an inviting environment for everyone to visit and connect. As many locals have seen our current location and it is not be all means in the best working/visiting condition. We have big plans for our new location,stay tuned for a grand opening announcement!

We are moving from a 2000 sq feet to a 8000 sq feet facility.  We are talking roughly about 30,000 to 40,000 Funko Pops and other items. Please be patient with us as there are a LOT of moving parts to this move. We want to move without damaging any items.

Since we are moving, all orders are on hold until we settled into the new place.  If your order does not have an updated tracking info, most likely, we did not make it to your orders in time before we move.

Second, some pre-orders update:

Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali - First wave of Pre-Orders arriving Thursday.

Bulbasaur - Due to arrive middle of May.

Charmander - Due for June.

AC/DC Angus Young - It is taking forever for us to get replacement boxes, to prevent a longer and unknown wait time, we have placed another order with Funko for more stock of Angus Young - Arriving 3 weeks from now.

BTS - 2-3 weeks

Toy Story 4 - 2-3 weeks

Captain Marvel Lunch Box and Flerken Set - All arrived, finished checking for Mint Condition.  We will ship them out after we move.

Big Bang Theory - If you do not get a shipping notification by tomorrow, your order will be fulfilled after our move.

Genie Glow In The Dark Specialty Series - We are still waiting for replacement boxes to fulfill orders.  We currently have 300 orders waiting for box replacement.

(Here's a inside scoop on how replacement box works: We have to submit a form to Funko every week to see if the box we need are available and Funko will ship them to us.  If it is not available, we keep submitting the box replacement box week after week until they have it in stock to ship to us.  I do appreciate everyone's patience as we strive to guaranteeing you 100% mint.)

PHEW...  That was a lot.    I've been posting a quick VLOG almost everyday on our social media (Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube).  Make sure you follow us to get the most up to date information. @shumination

You made it to the end and I want to give you 15% off for my token of appreciate and being extremely supportive and patience with us.

15% off In Stock and Pre-Orders.  (Excluding Mysterious Box, Soft protectors, exclusives, and prior orders.)



We strives for excellence and would want nothing less for our fans and customers.

If I have missed anything, please let me know.

Thank you and have a terrific Tuesday!


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