Hey everyone, ShumiRyes here back with this week's Shumi Weekly. Shumi Weekly will showcase all the exciting new and upcoming products Announced, Revealed, and for Pre-Order Now each week by the brands here at Shumi we all know and love. This week we are featuring FUNKO, Banpresto, and Good Smile Company! Last week we got Huge New Reveals for Funko! Frozen 2, and Star Wars Episode IX, The Mandalorian, and Jedi: Fallen Order. Be sure to give those a read if you haven't yet! So let us get into this past weeks reveals, and boy are they a doozy! Starting with, you guessed it! Funko!


     Funko is on the hype train and not stopping anytime soon let me tell you. So many things this week alone. For the first time ever and the first thing you can find on Shumi's Wantlist for this week is a Lights & Sound Electronic Darth Vader! The fan favorite comes with a light up base and (I assume) a lit lightsaber. As of writing this I am not sure what we can expect to hear from Vader. Whether it be his breathing, the Star Wars theme Music, or the lightsaber effect. (Hey maybe even all Three!) What do you want to hear from Vader? Let us know in the comments.

     From a Bad Guy to a Good Girl(Or lady) of our history we have Ruth B Ginsburg as an addition to our history part of the Icons Line! This Supreme Court Judge can be added to your collection soon!

*Click HERE to get your RBG!*

     "Only You can prevent Wildfires!" Only one bear we all know and love has said that famous line. Coming to your Ad Icons collection is none other than Smokey the Bear. With Shovel in hand and the cutest of grins Smokey is ready to dug up some dirt and leave no danger behind. (I can NOT wait to own him)!

*Click HERE to get your Smokey the Bear!*

     Coming soon is one of the most classic fighting videogames of all time! MORTAL KOMBAT is finally coming to your POP! Games collection very soon! This isn't the first of the Mortal Kombat line, but it is the first of the Classic characters in from the first game in the widely popular game series. The set includes 4 POP including: Liu Kang, Sub Zero, Scorpion(Cause you can't have one without the other), and the thunder god Raiden. So make sure you "Get over Here" as soon as this set releases!

     The next set of Funko is a brand new license from a intriguing Netflix series that now has 5 seasons and film is Black Mirror (I have yet to see the show but I hear good things about many seasons and episodes). This set contains characters from key episodes in the anthology. We have Kelly and Yorkie from “San Junipero,” Robert Daly (Starlord is that you?) and Nanette Cole from “USS Callister,” and Ashley Too Doll with 1/6 Evil Chase from “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too.” Add these to your POP! TV set very soon! 
     Oh boy, everyones favorite prince, the prince of all Saiyans is back with a new POP! A PX Exclusive (Diamond Comics) Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta to be exact. This Super Saiyan Vegeta is in a destructive pose surrounded by Energy and ready to kick someone's teeth in. With a new DBZ POP! comes the new norm, a GLOW CHASE! Well guess what were already sold out, THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Make sure you complete your DBZ collection (unless youre missing Arlia Vegeta like me and many others. Fun Fact I used to have him retail. Anywaysssss.) HERE.

*Click HERE to get our Regular SS2 Vegeta (While Supplies Last.)* 

     Are you Ready for some College Football?! Answer is...Not without your favorite mascots coming to Funko(Where the heck are my Florida teams?!?) In this series we have the mascots of the following teams: Ohio State Buckeyes, University of Wisconsin Badgers, University of Georgia Bulldogs, and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish! Where else can you get a Buckeye, a Badger, a Bulldog, and a Leprechaun in the same series besides Funko! They are all Unique to their teams and very detailed! Keep up your Funko collection sports fans with these coming out very soon! 


That's it for Funko this week! Toon in Next week to see what we have upcoming soon! 


     From Banpresto and Bandai come Harry Potter Q Posket that are IN-Stock Now at Shumi! Featuring your favorite lovable characters Harry Potter (with two color variations), Draco Malfoy, Ron Weasley, Hermoine Granger (also with another color variant), and Snape. Snape. Severus Snape. (DUMBLEDORE!) Each little figure elegantly has chibi-like glowing eyes and unique facial features.

Good Smile Company: 

     Good Smile Company does it again with the newest Nendoroid In-Stock NOW Woody and Buzz from Pixar's first movie Toy Story! 

     The Woody Nendoroid is fully articulated and even features articulated eye parts allowing you to change the direction he is looking. He has been sculpted taller than the average Nendoroid in order to properly depict the height difference between him and Nendoroid Buzz Lightyear scheduled for release at the same time. Additionally, the DX version includes special crossed arm parts, 2 additional face plates and 2 additional sets of eye parts, allowing you to recreate all kinds of expressions from the movies just by mixing and matching! Be sure to add him to your collection!



     And without Woody there would be no Buzz! 

     The Buzz Nendoroid is fully articulated and even features articulated eye parts allowing you to change the direction he is looking. Buzz's visor can be removed, allowing you to display him either way!

     Additionally, the DX version includes special arm parts so you can display Buzz readying his laser beam! The DX version also comes with a serious expression face plate and 2 additional sets of eye parts, allowing you to recreate all kinds of expressions from the movies just by mixing and matching!

     A special stand is included so you can display Buzz with Nendoroid Woody (sold separately) "falling with style" as in the last scene of the movie! Be sure to add him to your collection!


     A lot of little things this week that are big for our favorite fandoms! Make sure you check out all your favorite Brands here on as well as others you may not be so familiar with! Signing off this is ShumiRyes and thanks for reading! See you next week!



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