Shumi Subscription Box

We finally launched our Shumi Subscription Box!

The cheapest in the market and includes FREE SHIPPING within the US.

SIGN UP with us now to get the POP! that you want without driving around to look for them.

Below are the information and Q&A.

What is Shumi Subscription?

Shumi Subscription (POP! Version) allows you to grow your POP! collection with only the POP! that sparks your interest. We guarantee that you will get the POP! that you have in your Shumi Tracker.

What are the different subscription level and price?

You can choose from the following:


Exchange Value: 
(Only in an event that you have an oversized POP! in your Shumi Tracker)
(ie, if you subscribe to 6 POP!s, have 2 POP! Rides in your Shumi Tracker, we can potentially send you 2 POP! Rides instead of 6 regular sized POP!s)
2 x POP!s = 6" POP!, 2 Packs
3 x POP!s = POP! Ride, Movie Moments

How often do I get a box?

The frequency of our box is up to your discretion.  We currently offer the following timeframe:
(Recurring boxes starts from date of purchase)

Every week.
Every two weeks.
Every three weeks.
Every four weeks.

Box will ship out every Monday after your initial purchase.

How do you prevent me from getting duplicates?

We implemented Shumi Tracker. You must login and Thumbs Up the POP! that you want.

We ask that you keep Shumi Tracker updated with the POP!s you want.  For the POP!s that you have, please remove from your Shumi Tracker.

How do you know what I want?

We primarily use your Shumi Tracker to identify your needs.

You can login to your account anytime and press thumbs up on all the pops you would love. This will advise us to which POP! you want in your future collection.  

What if I forget to update my Shumi Tracker?

We will send out a reminder to update your tracker one day before we ship out your order.  

What happen if all the POP!(s) in my Shumi Tracker is Out of Stock?

We recommend you add In Stock items in your Shumi Tracker.  We will only ship In Stock items.  If there isn't a In Stock item that you do not like, we will not ship and you will not get charge.

What if I get a POP!(s) I don't want?

We will guarantee that you will get an item on your Shumi Tracker.  To ensure quality and accuracy, we encourage you to keep your Shumi Tracker updated with items that you want.   (Removed all items that are already in your collection)

When will I be billed?

You will be billed shortly after subscribing for your first box; then you will get billed depending on frequency on the same day that you ordered.  (For example, if you subscribe for a weekly box and your first box was ordered on Tuesday, you will be billed next Tuesday for the second box. So on..)

Either every week, two weeks, three weeks, or four weeks.

Where can I find a list of all pops

Our website has all of the POP!s you can potentially get.

Shumi Nation Promise:

  • Guaranteed POP! not in your collection
  • Guaranteed Mint Condition
  • No Duplicates
  • Select what pops you want by adding it to your Shumi Tracker

SIGN UP with us now to get the POP! that you want without driving around to look for them.

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