How To Protect Your Collectible Figurines During a Move

No matter how far the journey, moving with your collection can be tricky. This is especially true for collectors with extensive inventories of fragile items. From gathering proper packaging materials to packing the moving truck correctly, there’s a lot to do to ensure that your valuables are safe.

Even sturdy figures can sustain damage during transportation. That’s why it’s so important to take proper precautions to protect your investments. Don’t let all of the time, money, and energy you’ve put into building your collection go to waste. Learn how to protect your collectible figurines during a move so that your items remain in good condition.

Invest in Sturdy Boxes

When it comes to moving your collectibles, your packing materials can make or break your experience—literally! Using the wrong supplies will leave your figures vulnerable to situations that might harm them in the process. You need to invest in sturdy, high-quality boxes if you want to protect your collectible figurines during a move.

All boxes aren’t equal, so make sure to purchase strong, corrugated cardboard boxes that are perfect for heavy-duty shipments. Professionals make these boxes with unique internal structures that can withstand even the harshest conditions. You should also avoid buying used containers, as these materials might lose integrity after previous moves, and that won’t help to fully safeguard your collection.

Use High-Quality Tape

Boxes aren’t the only essential packing materials you’ll need to acquire; you’ll also need to find tough, high-quality tape to seal your shipments. This might seem obvious, but just like boxes, all packing tape isn’t equal. Using the wrong kind of tape could be the difference between a safe and a shattered collection.

Shipping tape is durable and will remain sealed under extreme heat and in the presence of moisture. Heavy-duty packing tape is so much stronger than ordinary sealing adhesives, so you’ll never have to worry about your figures spilling out of your boxes. Using the right kind of shipping tape will guarantee that your collectibles will remain concealed until you’re ready to unpack.

Wrap Every Collectible

If you’re a serious anime figure collector, chances are you have some rare or fragile items in your inventory. Any wrong move could seriously harm these collectibles that could be irreplaceable. Make sure to wrap each and every figure in acid-free paper to protect them from damage. Follow up with bubble wrap to provide extra cushion in case the ride is rough.

While it might seem like your plastic collectibles need this kind of care, you should still practice caution when packing your less-delicate items. Avoid using newspaper to wrap your figures, as ink from printing could stain your beloved characters. You should also cover each collectible with a layer of acid-free paper before using bubble wrap, as this material can dull your figures and deteriorate their finish.

Use Packing Paper or Peanuts

In addition to wrapping your collectibles, you’ll want to use packing paper or Styrofoam peanuts to create extra layers of padding between your figures. Not only do these materials protect your valuables from external conditions, but they also safeguard them from each other while inside their containers. Packing supplies like paper and peanuts keep your figurines from rubbing up against each other and causing further damage.

You’ll want to use these materials to fill up any empty spaces within your boxes. Eliminating any wiggle room will keep your items from rattling around and smashing into other delicate objects or figurines. You should also add a few layers of packing paper at the very top of the box to protect valuables from sharp edges when you open your containers.

Label Fragile Items

Packing up your home involves a lot of heavy lifting. If you’re moving everything yourself, then you’ll know which boxes to handle with care. However, collectors working with a moving service should label all of their shipments containing their collection as “fragile” so that their movers know to use caution.

Mark your collection containers in a large font with bright-colored ink that will draw attention. Not only will this tell your movers to handle them delicately, but it will also help them decide which order to pack their trucks in to avoid stacking fragile containers. Of course, accidents can still happen, so if you’re nervous about trusting your valuables with someone else, it might be wise to move your delicate items in your own vehicle.

Be Generous With Materials

It’s tempting to limit your material use to conserve supplies and save money. However, when it comes to transporting your collectibles, it’s better to be generous. Experimenting with less protection isn’t worth the consequences, especially regarding your ultra-rare, super expensive figures. Caution is the name of the game when moving your collection, so don’t be afraid to lay it on heavy.

This principle goes for almost every packing material you’ll need to transport your priceless figures safely. So, double wrap sensitive items that are more prone to damage, like glass figurines and those with movable parts. Apply more packing tape to boxes with less internal structure and add layers of bubble wrap and packing peanuts between items to mitigate any problems before they occur.

Utilize Original Packaging

There’s a reason why action figure manufacturers recommend keeping items in their original packaging. Not only does this practice retain and increase your item’s value, but it also defends your collectibles from harsh environments. Professionals often design character figure packaging with these types of events in mind, so they come equipped with the strength necessary to protect your valuables.

Don’t underestimate the power of original boxes. Be sure to hold onto all of your figure’s authentic packaging to utilize in circumstances like these. However, moving your collectibles in their boxes doesn’t negate any of the previous advice; you should still take all of the necessary precautions to ensure your items arrive at your new destination intact.

Consider Purchasing Insurance

Sometimes, accidents happen regardless of how careful you and your movers are. This is why collectors with valuable inventory should consider insuring their items before transporting beings. Some moving companies offer liability insurance to cover the cost of damaged goods during a move, but if yours doesn’t, explore other avenues to protect your investments.

It’s also a good idea to appraise your collection, so you know exactly how much your inventory is worth. While you might not be able to replace rare or vintage items, you can at least get some help rebuilding your collection. Doing so will guarantee that you receive every penny that you deserve in the event that your figures sustain damage or completely break in the process.

Don’t let the thought of moving with your figures stress you out. Following these tips will ensure that every piece of your collection arrives at their new home in one piece. At Shumi Toys and Gifts, we care about the state of your inventory, so be sure to shop our supply of collectible statues once you’re unpacked and ready to expand your collection.

How To Protect Your Collectible Figurines During a Move

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