6 Things You Didn't Know About Demon Slayer

Are you a Demon Slayer fan looking for any unknown facts? We compiled together 6 things you probably didn't know about Demon Slayer. We've got you covered on everything from unusual techniques to surprise personal traits. So, whether you're a lifelong fan or new to the Demon Slayer universe, stay reading to see if we uncovered some new tidbits about the show that you didn't know! 

Kanroji Mitsuru: uses love breathing techniques. Being unable to grasp the flame Breathing technique during training. Mitsuru decided to create her own technique It forms a combination of mid to long-randed attacks that utilize the user's rexibility. dexteritv. adult. and speed  Tokito Muichiro: RECAME A HASHTRA WITHIN TiST 2 MONTHS. Being a descendant of one of the most powerful demons aside from Muzan. Kokushibo. Muichiro was born with special abilities With intense training and his inherent powers, it only took two months for him to become a Hashira  Agatsuma Zenitsu: CAN FIGHT WHITE BEING UNCONSCIOUS eniten hes a unione wes of comber tech time he faces a dangerous stanon. me ores randus oue co ogde amracks While being unconscious, his subconscious takes over turning him into a formidable fighter. Hashibira Inosuke: Like every other demon slayer, Inosuke has a Kasugai Crow that relays mission specs and other information to him. But his crow tries to stay hidden as much as possible. Inosuke's never seen with it as he tried to eat it on 18 different occasions.   Kamado Tanjiro: Taniiro loves keepins in touch with others via the mail He has several ven nals. includins Sakonii. Seniuro. the courtesans from the Entertainment District. Givu. and Tengen Givu never writes back to him. but it seems that his other pen pals do  Kamado Nezuko: EYE COLOR CHANGE AFTER DEMON TRANSFORMATION In the early episodes, Nezuko was shown to have a similar eve color as Maniiro - dark red But once she's turned into a demon. her irises turned into pink. indicating her demonic transformation.

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