5 of the Rarest Star Wars Figurines Made So Far

Few franchises are as iconic as Star Wars. This space odyssey withstood the test of time and became one of the most beloved movie series ever. Spawning countless prequels, TV-show spin-offs, video games, and more, Star Wars is a staple in the collections of every self-proclaimed “geek.”

Manufacturers have been churning out Star Wars collectibles since its 1977 cinema debut. As time goes on, some figures have developed a cult following, with fans eager to pay hefty prices for obscure characters. If you want to create a valuable collection, keep an eye out for five of the rarest Star Wars figurines ever made.

Shae Vizsla

Hasbro released various Star Wars Vintage Collection figures between 2010-2013 to pay homage to the franchise’s roots. Collectibles from this line started at $9.99, but rarer figures like Shae Vizsla have increased in price.

This character from The Old Republic online game features swappable heads and articulated joints for maximum customization. Shae Vizsla is also one of the more affordable rare Star Wars figurines made so far, so you can easily add her to your collection if you can get your hands on her.

Blue Snaggletooth

Collectibles aren’t perfect. Sometimes the figures with the most problems turn out to be the most sought-after. Such is the case with Blue Snaggletooth, the 1978 version of the character “Zutton.”

When Kenner first designed their Blue Snaggletooth, they worked off a distorted photo that didn’t accurately represent the character. In reality, Snaggletooth is small and red, the complete opposite of this tall blue model. As a result, manufacturers pulled it off shelves, making it difficult to find.

Double Telescoping Luke Skywalker

The double telescoping Luke Skywalker is another figure that gained notoriety due to design flaws. Manufacturers pulled everyone’s favorite hero of the galaxy off the market to make some adjustments to his lightsaber.

This decision came from fears that the double telescoping feature was too complex and would result in lost pieces. After they redesigned it, fans of obscure collectibles had to search high and low for the original model, and still do so today.

Vinyl Cape Jawa

Sometimes, creators pull their collectibles due to unsatisfying aesthetics. This is exactly what happened with the 1978 vinyl cape Jawa figurine.

This figure was unpopular among early fans due to the cheap look of its cape material. In response, Kenner took this depiction of Jawa out of stores and replaced the cape with a higher-quality fabric. What was once a low-demand figurine now goes for several thousand dollars!

Rocket Firing Boba Fett

Of course, this list isn’t complete without mentioning the most valuable Star Wars figure of them all. The rocket-firing Boba Fett had a short life, as only a few dozen completed production before manufacturers abandoned the idea.

Since so few exist in the world today, these collectibles go for a pretty penny. Recently, a buyer broke the record and spent over $157,000 on a rare prototype!

The space craze doesn’t seem to be dying out anytime soon. Check out our stock of Star Wars collectibles to add to your collections today!

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