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Shumi Mysterious POP! Box - 3/20/2018 - SOLD OUT

Sold out

Rules and Guidelines:


****All labels will be shipped after the box have sold out****

1) Please do not participate if you're not interested in the POP!s that's being offered.

2) 100 Mysterious Boxes already filled and sealed. A few of boxes will have a coupon code that can redeem you one of the following item for FREE.

2 x [PRE-ORDER] Funko POP! Deadpool - Complete Set of 4
1 x [PRE-ORDER] Funko POP! The Princess Bride - Complete Set of 4 Chase Included
1 x [PRE-ORDER] Funko POP! Stranger Things - Complete Set of 5
1 x [PRE-ORDER] Funko POP! Hercules - Complete Set of 7 Chase Included
1 x [PRE-ORDER] Funko POP! Avengers: Infinity War - Complete Set of 11

3) Each box is guaranteed to contain at least 1 POP!. This isn't a PPG value sale, it's a mysterious box sale. Common POP! were included in order to make this possible.

4) You might get the POP! you want or not. If you do not, please understand this is a mysterious sale and there is no refund.  There's always next time.  

5) There are 100 spots in this Mysterious sale.

6) It is completely random. The POP!(s) are already in their boxes and sealed.  Numbered randomly from 1-100. We don't even know which POP! is in which box. (6" POP in 10x8x6, POP Rides 12x10x8, etc..) The shipping labels are all printed at once and then randomly placed on each box.

Other Pops that are in the mystery sale are mixture of old and recent Pop! releases.  Such as Tron, Heartless, Jafar, Immortan Joe, Hellboy, Weaponized Rick, Mr. Bean, Ready Player One, Infinity War, Warrior Summers, etc... 

***Due to the nature of the mysterious box, we cannot guarantee Mint conditions on the boxe.  If you want Mint condition, we encourage you to buy the item(s) from our website***

***** Only items above $20 dollars are shipped with POP! Protectors.  Over sized POP might not have a POP! Protector. *****

Orders through Mysterious Box does not qualify for Free Soft Protectors website promo.