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Funko POP! Harry Potter - Hedwig Vinyl Figure #76


Funko POP! Harry Potter - Hedwig Vinyl Figure #76

Pop! Movie: Harry Potter

Few Harry Potter fans could forget Ron’s epic game of wizard chess in  Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, but you can capture the moment with this Movie Moment figure.

Hermione Granger’s spells and potions don’t often go wrong, but who can forget when she accidentally added a cat hair to her Polyjuice Potion, turning her partially into a cat in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Ron Weasley’s received a howler from his mother and he is understandably reluctant to open it.

Help Harry recover from falling off his broom.

And with a snap of his fingers Dobby reveals his magic!

Sirius Black evaded suspicion from Dementors in his Animagus form.

The Bloody Baron makes for a ghostly addition to any Pop! Collection.

Hedwig is ready to start carrying your post.

Rubeus Hagrid is carrying Harry’s “Happee Birthdae” cake.