OLFA 9mm Fiberglass-Reinforced Utility Knife

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Olfa 9mm Fiberglass-Reinforced Utility Knife

Made in Japan.


  • Auto-lock blade actuator
  • Wraparound anti-slip rubber grip and acetone-resistant handle
  • Stainless steel blade channel
  • No tool blade change
  • Pocket clip with built-in blade snapper tool
  • Convenient lanyard hole
  • Pre-loaded with a 9mm ABB precision high quality ultra-sharp black carbon snap-off blade
Engineered for comfort and durability

The X-Design fiberglass-reinforced utility knife offers an anti-slip, comfort grip handle conjoined with elastomer for acetone resistance and easy cleaning.

Featuring an automatic blade lock, a cushion grip for maximum comfort and control, plus a heavy-gauge stainless steel blade channel that firmly secures the blade during use. The pocket clip/blade snapper is an added convenience.

Preloaded with an ABB precision ultra-sharp black snap-off blade, use this knife to for skilled cuts like vinyl, window film, and wallpaper as well as shrink wrap, caulking, foam board or other materials. (XA-1, #1075449)


1 - OLFA 9mm ABB Ultra-Sharp Black Snap-Off Blade, providing sharper initial cutting performance
2 - Stainless Steel Blade Channel and Handle
3 - No Tool Blade Change, easier and quicker blade change
4 - Auto Lock Mechanism
5 - Wraparound Anti-Slip Rubber Grip and Acetone-Resistant Handle Materials

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